Zone Lord Term Party
Arathi Icon Tauren Male Redsun 1st Icon Horde Horde
Ashenvale Icon Troll Male Sharptrasher 2nd Icon Horde Horde
Azshara Icon Tauren Female Wiseowl 1st Icon Horde Horde
Azuremyst Icon Draenei Male Mokkuroth 1st Icon Alliance Alliance
Badlands Icon Worgen Female Jetbite 2nd Icon Alliance Alliance
Blackrock Icon Blood Elf Female Galadhnis 1st Icon Horde Horde
Bloodmyst Icon Draenei Male Knatanrune 1st Icon Alliance Alliance
Darkshore Icon Blood Elf Male Ruion 2nd Icon Horde Horde
Deadwind Icon Tauren Male Arrowherder 2nd Icon Horde Horde
Desolace Icon Troll Female Blunthater 1st Icon Horde Horde
Dun Morogh Icon Gnome Male Blisstekker 2nd Icon Alliance Alliance
Durotar Icon Troll Female Goldgnasha 2nd Icon Horde Horde
Duskwood Icon Draenei Male Matsqoihrath 1st Icon Alliance Alliance
Dustwallow Icon Troll Female Hardeater 2nd Icon Horde Horde
East Plaguelands Icon Undead Female Sacredasp 1st Icon Horde Horde
Elywnn Icon Human Male Seafraid Bad 1st Icon Alliance Alliance
Eversong Icon Blood Elf Male Rhovan 2nd Icon Horde Horde
Felwood Icon Worgen Male Stargorer 2nd Icon Alliance Alliance
Feralas Icon Goblin Female Heotaten 2nd Icon Horde Horde
Ghostlands Icon Blood Elf Female Gernthel 1st Icon Horde Horde
Gilneas Icon Worgen Male Brunbeard 1st Icon Alliance Alliance
Hillsbrad Icon Draenei Female Munelon 2nd Icon Alliance Alliance
Hinterlands Icon Gnome Female Merrycodes 1st Icon Alliance Alliance
Hyjal Icon Troll Female Wartmusher 2nd Icon Horde Horde
Kezan Icon Goblin Female Isbyehal 2nd Icon Horde Horde
Loch Modan Icon Dwarf Female Ochrefighter 2nd Icon Alliance Alliance
Lost Isles Icon Orc Male Anravisfu 1st Icon Horde Horde
Moonglade Icon Night Elf Female Lumnis 1st Icon Alliance Alliance
Mulgore Icon Tauren Male Tanrain 1st Icon Horde Horde
North Barrens Icon Human Male Maoli Glory 2nd Icon Alliance Alliance
North Morass Icon Tauren Female Valleyroarer 2nd Icon Horde Horde
Quel'Danas Icon Blood Elf Female Pethel 1st Icon Horde Horde
Redridge Icon Human Male Inerney Fine 2nd Icon Alliance Alliance
Silithus Icon Night Elf Male Galadhdor 1st Icon Alliance Alliance
Silverpine Icon Undead Female Thirsteater 1st Icon Horde Horde
South Barrens Icon Orc Male Wildanger 1st Icon Horde Horde
South Morass Icon Pandaren Female (Alliance) Bik Zou 1st Icon Alliance Alliance
Stonetalon Icon Troll Female Elfbasher 2nd Icon Horde Horde
Stranglethorn Icon Goblin Male Muafubrum 1st Icon Horde Horde
Tanaris Icon Orc Female Furyanger 2nd Icon Horde Horde
Teldrassil Icon Night Elf Female Garafpen 2nd Icon Alliance Alliance
Thorium Icon Night Elf Female Bregediel 2nd Icon Alliance Alliance
Thousand Needles Icon Troll Female Brunsnake 1st Icon Horde Horde
Tirisfal Icon Undead Male Pallidearth 2nd Icon Horde Horde
Twilight Icon Blood Elf Male Gawaddor 2nd Icon Horde Horde
Uldum Icon Goblin Male Opleeceron 1st Icon Horde Horde
Un'Goro Icon Blood Elf Male Thurindor 2nd Icon Horde Horde
West Plaguelands Icon Goblin Female Soutofonem 2nd Icon Horde Horde
Westfall Icon Human Female Honor Sea 2nd Icon Alliance Alliance
Wetlands Icon Night Elf Female Bronadhel 1st Icon Alliance Alliance
Wintergrasp Icon Orc Male Bigswarm 1st Icon Horde Horde

After Reshuffle: 1003 Reshuffle

After Election: 1003 Council Elections

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